Americans are obsessed with ‘putting food between bread’. Studies found that they consume over 300 million sandwiches every day. About 47% of the adult population prefer eating them on any type of occasion. Making it is time-effective and is a healthy diet choice. But why is it that the sandwiches from eateries taste better than the ones made at home? This is because a few common mistakes like forgetting to season the vegetables or not slicing the bread properly can make a major taste difference. Simply stuffing white bread with peanut butter, olive oil and fillings is not quite enough.

One can rarely go wrong with making a sandwich. But small details must be kept in mind to prepare a sandwich. These are what most people are doing wrong that spoils the experience of enjoying it in full glory. Being aware of the mistakes can help you avoid them.

The Wrong Bread Type

Bread is the base of a great sandwich. Besides being fresh and fluffy, it must be of the right type. The cardinal rule is to ensure perfect texture, support and taste so it does not mess up the flow of the sandwich. Pick wraps, pitas and brioches as per the kind of meat (roasted or grilled). Heartier sandwiches like pulled chicken will need more support.

Be careful with the meat, herbs and spices, toppings and condiments. Try out thick-cut slices of bread like a baguette if you wish to incorporate fewer carbs in your meal.

Soggy Mess

This happens when you forget to dry the lettuce, spinach or basil leaves. Using wet veggies end up creating a mushy and doughy sandwich. Add cucumbers and tomatoes a few minutes before serving the sandwich. This can help preserve the airy texture. Adding the sauce or mayonnaise to the bread directly can completely ruin the base. Apply the spreads on the cheese, sprouts or vegetables to avoid a soggy mess. Paying attention to these can create a picture-perfect sandwich when you finally decide to eat it.

3. Excessive Calories

A sandwich must be healthy enough to not exceed the calories. Crusty bread, croissants and rolls can be full of fat and also increase the starchy carb intake. Include at least two veggies serving per sandwich that can balance the fat content. Sun-dried tomatoes, iceberg lettuce, shredded cabbage, jalapeno, banana peppers and bean sprouts are great choices. These also eliminate the need to add mustard, ketchup, butter or oil. Get a deli sandwich customized according to your preference from your nearest takeaway restaurant.

4. Wrong Layering

The heaviest stuff must be placed first. For example, add the grilled or boiled chicken in the beginning. Follow by lighter vegetables like avocado, peas, onions and carrots. The cheese slices and the lettuce must be added in the end with the condiments. Otherwise, the fillings might fall apart with every bite making it difficult to enjoy. The size of the sandwich depends on your preference yet try not to overstuff it. It can help create a well-portioned meal.

Season your vegetables, add the right texture and spread the fillers well. National Sandwich Day is right around the corner on 3 November. This is a good time to treat yourself to perfect sandwiches from a nearby chicken restaurant.

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