Now that fall is here in Tinton Falls NJ, celebrations like birthdays and anniversaries are moving indoors. However, the thought of having a bunch of people crammed into one room can be daunting, especially during a pandemic! It’s more important than ever to provide a comfortable environment where your guests feel comfortable.

Fortunately, you’re not alone in your planning and preparations. La Rosa Chicken and Grill will cater your event so that you can focus on the more important things - like your family and friends having fun!

Below are four tips to help you plan a successful indoor family celebration in Tinton Falls.

1. Pick your venue - make sure there’s plenty of space!

When hosting a family celebration indoors, you have two options: your house or a venue. There are benefits to both. A house provides more space to move around, and it’s cheaper. But you must also be willing to deal with the chaos in your home.

A venue will cost more, but you don’t have to worry about people messing up your personal space. Just be sure to pick your venue accordingly, as you want your guests to have plenty of space to socially distance themselves if they choose.

2. Plan activities to keep your guests busy and active.

You don’t have to plan anything fancy, but it’s nice to have some activities to keep your guests entertained. For the kids, set aside some puzzles, games and coloring pages. For the adults, you can have a trivia game or classic bingo game. At the very least, having activities on the side will avoid any awkward silent moments with the family!

3. Cater a tasty meal from La Rosa Chicken and Grill.

You can’t have a family celebration in Tinton Falls without some delicious food. La Rosa Chicken and Grill will take care of all the details. Our catering menu includes chicken tenders, chicken wings, whole-roasted chickens and char-grilled chicken. Pick what you’d like and add on cold or hot side dishes and a fresh salad. With affordable prices and options for everyone, you’ll be able to please the entire family!

4. Keep things simple.

Our last tip is to keep things simple. This celebration is a time to be with your family, so there’s no need to overcomplicate things with sophisticated dishes or a fancy venue. Serve up classic food that you know everyone will like, along with traditional games like bingo or charades. Your family will have fun just being together and making memories.

To place an order for catering, contact La Rosa Chicken and Grill in Tinton Falls today. We have a full catering menu that includes chicken prepared a number of ways, homemade side dishes and fresh salads.

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