Moving into a new home is an exciting adventure - but it’s also a ton of work! After packing, moving and unpacking, you’re likely to be exhausted from all of the chaos! Not to mention, it takes time to make the home feel like your own. But in between it all, it’s normal to want to share your happiness with your friends and family. And the best way to do this is by hosting a housewarming celebration.

A housewarming party is a party that’s traditionally held soon after moving into a new home. It gives you the opportunity to present your home to your friends and family, and for guests to bring gifts to furnish the home. These ceremonies are generally informal, and really, just a great way to catch up with others and show them the house at one time.

Of course, hosting a party after you’ve just moved in can be another expense you’re not ready for. So, here are five budget-friendly ways to celebrate a housewarming event that’s fun and relaxing for everyone!

1. Provide Comfortable Seating

The reason why we point out seating first is because not everyone who moves into a new home has it furnished right away. While you can host a housewarming party before or after your house is furnished, you still need ample seating!

Add some throw pillows to your sofa, chairs and furniture to make it appealing and comfortable. Pull out folding chairs, stools or a few ottomans to provide extra seating. And, if the weather is nice, utilize your outdoor tables and chairs for additional seating.

2. Serve Finger Foods and Drinks

Parties aren’t parties without the food! Serve your guests a variety of finger foods that can be eaten without utensils, such as chicken wings, chicken tenders, mini quesadillas, veggie wraps and pigs in a blanket. Stock your fridge with different drinks like sparkling water, soda, iced tea and adult beverages, if you choose to serve them.

3. Have Some of Your Menu Catered

Believe it or not, you can actually save money by having your menu catered. You don’t have to worry about going to the store, buying the ingredients and preparing the food, especially when you’re trying to get settled in your new home. Perhaps the pots and pans aren’t even unpacked yet!

La Rosa Chicken and Grill has affordable catering packages and party specials. Choose from whole-roasted chickens, char-grilled chicken breast, chicken tenders or wings. Pair them with our hot or cold side dishes and a fresh salad, and you’ll have a balanced meal that’s not heavy or unhealthy.

4. Plan a House Tour

Since you’re on a budget, you’ll need to find creative ways to keep your guests entertained. One way to do this is by planning a house tour halfway through the event. This is helpful for you because you only have to give one tour, and it’s nice for your guests because no one is left out!

5. Send Out Virtual Invitations and Thank Yous

There’s no reason to spend money on invitations, thank you notes and stamps. But do take the time to invite your guests accordingly and thank them appropriately. Even if your guests don’t bring gifts, you want to thank them for their time and support. Pick virtual housewarming invites and thank you notes. Most themes are free and can be sent directly to your guests’ emails or text messages.

If you’re planning to host a housewarming party, put your trust in La Rosa Chicken and Grill for great food, timely service and affordable catering packages.

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