Chicken is an excellent protein source for all ages, but older adults have even more to gain. This lean meat is packed with protein and can help seniors stay healthy, fit and active.

Because chicken can be difficult for an elder to cook, it’s okay to buy it frozen or in cans. The key is to choose high quality chicken, as well as white meat when possible. For fresh chicken dishes, consider a senior meal delivery service or order from a chicken restaurant that delivers, such as La Rosa Chicken and Grill.

Let’s explore five great reasons why seniors should be eating chicken regularly!

1. Chicken is lean, but high in protein.

The main reason why seniors can benefit from eating chicken is because it’s packed with protein. Older adults need protein in order to maintain their muscle mass, but it’s important that they get this from healthier fats. A four-ounce serving of chicken has only 9 grams of fat and 20 grams of protein.

2. It’s also packed with plenty of other nutrients.

A tasty piece of grilled chicken is also packed with many other nutrients that seniors need to be strong and healthy, such as B vitamins, vitamin E, iron, selenium, potassium, magnesium and zinc. Not only are these nutrients important for staying healthy, but also they can help a senior bounce back faster after an illness or medical procedure.

3. Eating chicken boosts the immune system.

The immune system doesn’t work as effectively over time. This is why those over 70 are at most risk for disease. Fortunately, there are ways that seniors can supercharge their immune systems, and it starts with eating a healthy and balanced diet. Included in this diet should be chicken because it bolsters immunities and has anti-inflammatory properties.

4. Chicken can also increase energy.

Many seniors complain of not having much energy, but there are ways to get these reserves up. By staying hydrated, getting enough rest and eating the right foods, seniors often find that their energy improves. This is why it’s recommended to replace sweet or carb-heavy foods with lean proteins like chicken. When trimmed of its skin, it’s a great source of protein that won’t weigh you down.

5. White meat helps maintain a healthy weight.

To ward off disease and feel their best, it’s important that seniors maintain a healthy weight. Chicken is known for helping older adults maintain a good weight because it keeps them feeling fuller longer. A healthy weight also lowers the risk for heart disease, stroke, diabetes and high blood pressure.

There’s no question that chicken is something older adults should be eating daily. Fortunately, chicken is easy to cook and can be used in many dishes like soups, salads, sandwiches and wraps. If you’re looking to place an order for your parents, contact La Rosa Chicken and Grill today!

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