Barbecue-flavored food and beverages are in high demand with product launches in the segment growing 19% from 2015 to 2019. Known for their smoky taste, these food items are an essential part of family dinners. What enhances the texture and taste of these barbecue items is the sweet and tangy barbecue or BBQ sauce.

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Made from tomato, vinegar and other ingredients, the BBQ sauce can be used as a seasoning or for marinating smoked meat, vegetable, and other food products. But if you are looking for some alternative sauces with that sweet tinge to prepare baby ribs for your weekend get-together, here are some options.

Hoisin Sauce

An excellent alternative to the barbecue sauce is this Asian sauce made from vinegar, honey, sesame paste, flour, chilies and soy sauce. Known for its texture and the thick glazed appearance like the BBQ sauce, the Chinese-inspired Hoisin sauce is excellent for the ones who love spicy baby ribs. Similar in color to BBQ, the Hoisin sauce offers a distinct yet pleasant taste to your meat items.  Use this sauce sparingly to avoid the strong flavors that come with it.

Plum Sauce

Another sauce from the Asian region, the plum sauce matches BBQ in its sweetness and texture. Some other ingredients of this highly popular sauce include vinegar (found in BBQ too), ginger, plum and other fruits. An excellent option for people looking to enhance the flavors of their barbecue dishes by having a sweeter touch. This sauce can also be used to marinate pork and other meat items.

Mustard Sauce

Often called the golden BBQ, mustard sauce is made from ingredients like honey, ketchup, apple cider vinegar, and Worcestershire sauce. Known for its tangy taste, the mustard sauce will certainly enhance the taste of your barbecue baby ribs and other meat items.

Teriyaki Sauce

Another pick from the Asian sauces is the Teriyaki sauce known for its thick and juicy texture. Made from soy sauce, brown sugar and Mirin (sweetened rice wine), this sauce can be used in place of your BBQ sauce but only after adding certain spices like onion powder, garlic, and chilies that provide that unique and smoky taste to the barbecue items. Since the salt content is Teriyaki sauce is a little higher, you can choose to reduce the salt content before using it in place of BBQ. Another option is to use it for a thin glaze

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Fruit-Based Sauces

Fruit-based sauces are a great option for people looking to cut down the acid content in tomato base sauces like the BBQ. These sauces use fruits like pineapples, mangos, apricots, apples, and even peaches to enhance the taste while doing away with the need to add granulated sugar.

The best thing about trying out these alternatives is playing with different flavors. And if you are not happy with the options listed above you can always use plain tomato sauce after adding some smoked paprika or jalapeno powder and vinegar for that smoky effect. And you can even go for the dry rub which means garnishing your grilled meat items with a dry powder made up of smoked paprika, dark brown sugar, black pepper, garlic, onion powder, and cayenne pepper.

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