Are you a fan of breakfast sandwiches? We are too! Fresh, hot breakfast sandwiches beat a cold bowl of cereal or bland granola bar any day. When made right, you can cover all your food groups and get plenty of nutrition to jumpstart your day - whole grains, protein and healthy fats.

Below are five hacks that will allow you to make healthy, delicious breakfast sandwiches in a snap!

Hack #1. Prep Your Sandwiches for the Week

Don’t have time to make yourself a fancy breakfast sandwich before work in the mornings? No problem! You can make them ahead and freeze them for the week. To do this, you’ll need to bake the eggs, cut them into slices and add them on English muffins. Top them with a slice of cheese along with a protein like bacon or sausage. Freeze for up to one week.

Hack #2. Toast the Bread in a Frying Pan

Since bread is the first thing you bite into, it’s important that it’s done right. Toasting the bread is smart because it gives the sandwich the perfect texture. But instead of using the toaster, toss the bread on low heat in a frying pan. Press it against the pan until it’s perfectly crispy. The bread will stay together nicely and have a great crunch!

Hack #3. Add Heavy Cream to Scrambled Eggs

If you’re making a breakfast sandwich with eggs, here’s a cool hack you’ll want to keep around. Add a quarter cup of heavy cream to four eggs, along with a couple ounces of cheese like cheddar or Gruyere. Whisk all the ingredients together to give the eggs an extra fluffy, creamy texture - the way eggs should be!

Hack #4. Use Leftovers from Dinner

Another option to speed up your morning preparations is to use ingredients from the night before. Have leftover smoked or grilled chicken? Don’t let it go to waste. Place the chicken inside two waffles, top with hot sauce and you have a tasty, filling breakfast sandwich on the go! Or place a piece of crispy chicken on an English muffin and top with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, avocados and cheese.

Hack #5. Cook Everything in One Pan

This hack comes from TikTok and is pure genius. All you need is two whole eggs, two slices of bread and butter or oil for the pan. You can view instructions for the hack here. When you’re done cooking the sandwich, you’re free to add cheese and a protein of your choice. One pan. One cleanup. You can’t beat that.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so don’t go hungry! Hopefully these hacks will prove valuable to you in the mornings. When you need something different to start your day, a breakfast sandwich is a great option!

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