Did you know a fun fact? Herbs were initially introduced into cooking to disguise flavors. In times when people didn't know about refrigeration, strong-smelling herbs were used to make expired meat close to palatable. Years rolled by. Today, herbs are used to enhance the flavor of meat including chicken and add to the health benefits of dishes.

Here are 5 herbs that augment the taste of chicken tenders.

1. Rosemary

Rosemary is one of the most popular culinary herbs used in chicken dishes. Both fresh and dried rosemary can be used to season chicken tenders to impart a distinctive flavor to them. The flavor varies from piney and woodsy to lemony and peppery. Fresh rosemary sprigs can even be a good choice for garnishing.

The earthy herb can also be used to baste the chicken with beer. In that case, you just need to have garlic cloves and butter as well to make the chicken perfectly juicy and tastier.

2. Basil

You've probably noticed basil in most of your favorite Italian and Greek dishes, even if you couldn't necessarily identify it. The slightly floral herb is easy to grow on even the tiniest kitchen windowsill and is surprisingly potent for being such a small herb. It's used mostly as a backdrop for other flavors, but basil can be the star of the show, too. Whip up a batch of pesto (or make it easy on yourself with our Presto Pesto), mix it in your favorite chicken pasta dish, and watch the food disappear.

3. Oregano

It is perhaps the most commonly used herb in Italian cuisine. High-quality oregano has over 4% essential oils, chiefly containing aromatic compounds like carvacrol and thymol. The herb, therefore, adds a warm aroma to chicken tenders and even pairs well with various vegetables like broccoli and tomatoes.

For a change, if you wish to prepare pizza, lasagna, or pasta, oregano will be a game-changer in your recipe.

4. Thyme

This Mediterranean herb is available in both ground version and whole form (with sprigs and leaves). It has an earthy and minty flavor with hints of peppery, sweet, and floral tastes. Due to its delicate aroma and flavor, it is commonly used in chicken recipes. To season grilled chicken tenders, thyme is often added along with garlic, pepper, and salt. It also goes well with braised, roasted, and baked chicken dishes. You can even add it to a marinade, stuffing, and a dry rub besides using it in seasoning.

5. Sage

This woody Mediterranean herb comes with as many as 39 aroma-active compounds and therefore has a very unique taste among all herbs. Its woodsy flavor has hints of mint, pine, and eucalyptus. When dried, the herb can add a blend of all these flavors to chicken tenders. On the other hand, when fresh, its long dusty-green leaves can be just the right pick for garnishing.

Try adding the above herbs with delicious spices to chicken tenders to boost their flavor tenfold. When you don't feel like cooking at home, simply order the dish!

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