Chicken is a rich source of protein. No wonder it saw a huge rise in popularity in America during the COVID pandemic. But a survey has also revealed that approximately half of America (52%) prefers grilled chicken over other chicken types. Do you love grilled chicken too? Then you should know how to make the best grilled chicken. For this, the first step is to know the mistakes to avoid while grilling chicken.

Not Brining the Chicken Properly

Brining is a good way to add flavor and keep the chicken tender. If the chicken pieces are not brined well, there are high chances of overcooking. Whether you’re grilling an entire chicken, thighs, or breasts, brining is the first step to a perfect grill.

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For brining, you can make a solution by adding sugar and salt to water and boiling it till they dissolve. After cooling down the solution, you can now add raw chicken to it and set aside for 1-5 hours.

Uncovered Grilling

Many people think that not covering the grill is an easy way to keep an eye on how far the chicken is cooked. However, what they don’t realize is that the open grill often results in either dry or overcooked chicken. Even removing the lid too often from the grill results in heat escaping and the temperature dropping. This may lead to uneven cooking of the chicken. Keeping the lid closed on the grill to cook the chicken more evenly.

Timing the Sauce

Applying the sauce on the chicken too soon may result in burnt sauce and disappointment for your taste buds. Barbecue sauces contain sugar, which burns quickly. This creates a darker hue on the chicken, which makes it difficult to understand when the chicken is completely cooked. The sauce should be applied to the chicken only after it is cooked through and is ready to be transferred to direct heat. Start by applying a thin layer of sauce, wait for it to thicken and then apply again.

Cooking Cuts

Different parts of the chicken require different times and temperatures to cook properly. It depends on the presence of bone and skin on the cuts. It also depends on the cut size. If all the cuts are added to the grill at the same time, some cuts will be overcooked, and others might be undercooked. For instance, grilling the chicken breast will require more time than other parts.

Wrong Temperature

Grilling chicken at a controlled temperature is equally important. People may have a notion that high heat will result in quick cooking. However, this will lead to the chicken being overcooked or burnt from the outside and not properly cooked from the inside. Chicken is considered best cooked at medium heat.

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You can keep the temperature in check with the help of a meat thermometer. You can also choose to cook the chicken on indirect heat in the beginning and then for the final touch, shift it to direct heat.

Chicken is a good source of Vitamins B and D, calcium, iron, and zinc, which is why it is a preferred choice over red meat. Also, it contains no carbohydrates or trans-fat. A properly grilled and cooked chicken can be a delicious way to stay healthy.

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