There are many benefits to being a vegan or vegetarian, but this diet is not for everyone. In fact, some people end up gaining weight because they’re taking in more carbs to fill themselves up. If you’re looking to reintroduce meat into your diet, chicken is a great protein to start with. It’s low in fat and calories, packed with nutrients and easy to digest.

Here are five tips for reintroducing chicken into your diet after being vegan.

1. Start with One Meat at a Time

Even though there’s no hard or fast rule on which types of meat to add to your diet, it’s recommended to start with fish, poultry and then red meat. At the very least, introduce meat slowly and one at a time. This will help your body adjust to eating meat again and prevent a ‘heavy’ feeling that can happen due to compromised digestion.

2. Take Enzymes to Support Good Nutrition

To elaborate on the first point, some vegans and vegetarians feel uncomfortably full after eating meat for the first few times. The body is adjusting to meat and it may need some help. Taking digestive enzymes or betaine HCL with your meals is something you can do to help break down the fats. The good news is that this usually happens with red meat and not chicken.

3. Treat Yourself to a New Restaurant

Sometimes, the best way to reinstill a desire to eat chicken is to treat yourself to a new restaurant. It can be hard to get chicken just right, leading it to be chewy or tough. But when you eat at a healthy chicken restaurant like La Rosa Chicken and Grill, you’ll get tender, juicy grilled, roasted and fried chicen. It may be all you need to fall back in love with meat!

4. Experiment with Different Recipes

There are many online groups you can join for recipes, as well as support. It can be hard to transition from a vegan to a meat eater because being vegan is a way of life. The paleo and primal communities are great sources of support, as many are ex-vegans and can offer guidance on healthy, wholesome and ethical meats you can add to your diet.

5. Consider the Source of Your Meats

Since you have been vegan all this time, you’re used to being diligent about your food choices. Keep this same attitude while expanding your menu options. An organic label guarantees certain standards and ensures the chickens were raised in free-range conditions. Chicken marked as ‘natural’ does not meet the same standards.

Chicken is a healthy protein that can be used in a wide range of dishes. Many ex-vegans find it’s best to start with stews, soups and crock pot meals that mask the taste of the meat until the body gets used to it. If you have more questions, consult with a dietician. Otherwise, we hope to see you at La Rosa Chicken and Grill soon!

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