Over time, the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccination can reduce. So, even after being vaccinated, it's necessary to boost your immunity and prepare your body to fight any infections in the future. But what are the best ways to improve immunity amid COVID? Here are 5 tips for that.

1. Add Chicken to Your Diet

Chicken supplies zinc and protein, nutrients that can boost your immune system? Therefore, consider adding more chicken-based dishes to your diet. For instance, you can have chicken soup regularly at breakfast. Then you can also get antioxidants from herbs and onions, vitamin C from onions and celery and vitamin A from carrots. Besides, chicken also increases your dopamine levels. This can help improve your mood and cope better with depression or demotivation in the current pandemic.

2. Sleep Enough and Destress

Lack of sleep causes exhaustion and can impair the brain activity. This can further interfere with other bodily functions that are directly linked to your immunity. So, make sure to sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours to help your body build immunity.

Staying indoors for long periods in the current situation can take a toll on your mental health. Stress can adversely impact your immune system. So, it's essential to destress yourself. For that, try yoga, meditation, or other kinds of mindful activities.

3. Exercise Regularly

Try to follow a daily exercise routine. Even moderate exercise can help you release a lot of toxins from the body. It's a good idea to exercise for 30-45 minutes, according to your stamina. If you don't exercise already, now is the right time to begin. You can take the help of fitness apps and YouTube channels to exercise at home. Exercising regularly boosts metabolism which, in turn, improves your body's immunity.

4. Sip Green Tea

Green tea is a source of an important antioxidant called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). Studies have found that it can help improve immune function. Since black tea undergoes fermentation, much of the EGCG is destroyed. However, since green tea isn't fermented but steamed, its content of the antioxidant remains intact. Additionally, green tea provides L-theanine, an amino acid, which often helps your T cells produce more germ-fighting compounds. Therefore, consider drinking green tea daily to improve your health.

5. Avoid Smoking and Alcohol

Smoking, substance abuse, alcohol consumption and vaping can weaken your body's defense mechanism and make it more vulnerable to illnesses, including respiratory problems. Vaping and smoking can affect your lungs adversely and damage the lining of cells along your respiratory tract. The cells combat viruses that enter your body through the nasal orifices. People who consume alcohol in heavy amounts are prone to suffering from acute respiratory distress syndrome. This is one of the conditions that COVID-19 causes. If you highly depend on any addictive substance, try to practice moderation, and slowly ditch them. A sudden withdrawal might be risky.

Make sure to follow the above tips and maintain a healthy diet with superfoods like chicken to fight COVID-19 with a strong immune system.

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