Now that the holidays are here, you’re probably looking for ideas on what to feed the family. Whether you’re planning to cook more at home this winter, hosting a holiday dinner or bringing a dish to a potluck, we’ve compiled some of our restaurants’ favorite chicken recipes that everyone on your list will love. Not only are these meals warm and succulent, but also the scents will remind you of Christmas. 

Below you’ll find five chicken recipes that are affordable, easy to prepare and scalable for large groups. 


1 - Apple Glazed Roast Holiday Chicken

Roasted chicken is out of this world. With the crispy skin and tender, juicy insides, it’s the perfect dish for a cold winter evening. This Apple Glazed recipe takes things to another level thanks to the sweetness from the apple. Leave yourself about an hour to prep and cook this meal and serve it with a side of stuffing. 


2 - Christmas Day Chicken

We’re obviously fans of fried chicken in Staten Island. But we also know that it can be tedious to make at home. However, this recipe is a great way to make fried chicken without the mess - or having to spend all day in the kitchen. In fact, you can prepare it at night and simply coat with crumbs and bake in the morning. 


3 - Baked Chicken Parmesan

Another great meal for the holiday season is baked chicken parmesan. The crispy breading, sweet tomato sauce and melted cheeses come together for a mouthwatering meal. You can prepare this chicken dinner in many different ways, so find your favorite recipe or use ours! Make sure you cook it until the cheese is browned and bubbly! 


4 - Creamy Garlic Chicken

If your family loves caramelized onions and garlic, this recipe is for you. Rest assured that the garlic is not overpowering but instead adds the right amount of flavor to a creamy sauce. The chicken breasts cook in the sauce, soaking up tons of flavor and keeping the insides moist. You can also halve the chicken breasts to make this recipe go further for a crowd.


5 - Chicken Noodle Soup

Sometimes, the best holiday meal is a warm and savory soup that simmers all day on the stove top. Chicken noodle soup is a dish that kids and adults both love. Plus, there’s plenty of room for modification, so you can swap out vegetables, noodles and more. We’ve included a recipe we think you’ll enjoy, and you can use smoked chicken for added flavor!  Want to serve a delicious holiday meal but without all the prep? Have your holiday dinner catered from La Rosa Chicken and Grill. Our healthy chicken restaurant will prepare hot, delicious food for your entire group. Our food is prepared fresh in our kitchens and contains no preservatives. Contact us today to place your order. 

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