Going out to lunch with family and friends is a fun social activity. You join your loved ones in their favorite restaurants for a delicious meal. However, when you ensure that the food is healthy, the experience is even more satisfying. The diet keeps your body and mind in peak condition, without sacrificing quality or taste.

The increasing trend of healthy eating has pushed many restaurants to include nutritious meals on their menu. Here are some healthy eating tips if you're planning to dine out.

#1 - Choose the Restaurant

It’s a good idea to choose a restaurant that specializes in food that’s not just delicious but also full of nutrition. You can search online for a restaurant that uses classic recipes to prepare dishes from the freshest ingredients.

#2 - Read the Menu Carefully

Checking the menu is a simple way to ensure you make healthy choices at a restaurant. You may do it before you arrive, as most menus are available online. Also, when you’re at a restaurant feeling famished, you’re more likely to give in to temptation and order a carb-heavy meal.

How food is described on a menu indicates how it is prepared. For example, avoid descriptions that include words like fried, creamy, and rich. Instead, look for alternatives that say broiled, grilled, or steamed. These recipes are low-fat alternatives.

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#3 - Don't Feel Shy to Ask

Request your waitress to help you choose a healthy meal. You might ask for dishes to be prepared with less oil, butter, or cheese. When ordering, request for the bread basket to be removed and a salad and an appetizer portion of the main entrée to be given on the side. You can also make substitutions, such as ordering a salad instead of fries or chips. Further, begin your meal with a salad loaded with greens to help regulate your appetite and feel satiated sooner.

#4 - Order Lean Meat

Dishes with lean proteins, such as chicken and fish, are a fantastic choice. They are low-fat and easy to digest. Also, meats make you feel satiated for longer. You can further avoid battered and deep-fried meats. Remember that the coating adds extra fat and calories even if the meat is lean.

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#5 - Clues to Healthy Dishes

To eat well, it’s important to make deliberate choices and stick to them. Instead of focusing on things to avoid, consider what nutritious products you may add to your plate. For instance, look for whole-grain bread, pasta, and side dishes. In addition, choose meals that are cooked with healthy fats, such as olive oil, canola oil, nuts, avocados, and almonds. You may also order plenty of fruits for dessert.

#6 - Avoid Empty-Calorie Drinks

For beverages, ask for a glass of water, unsweetened fresh fruit juice, or green tea. Avoid milkshakes and sodas. If you want to have a drink, order red wine instead of sugary margaritas, which add extra calories to your diet.

When dining out, small steps can help you manage your nutrition. Remember that eating out is less about the food and more about enjoying the company of your friends and family.

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