Congratulations! Your student has just graduated from Princeton, and what better way to celebrate this significant milestone than with a feast that honors their hard work and achievements? If you’re planning a graduation party, consider catering it with delicious chicken dishes from La Rosa Chicken and Grill, a favorite local spot renowned for its mouthwatering flavors and top-notch service.

Why Choose La Rosa for Your Graduation Party?

When you cater your graduation party with us, you get a number of benefits, such as:

Unmatched Flavor and Quality

La Rosa has built a reputation for serving some of the most delectable chicken in the area. We cook our chicken in kettles, open-fire grills, ovens and rotisseries and make our sides fresh daily using real vegetables. Our secret marinades and perfect grilling techniques ensure that every bite is juicy and flavorful, ensuring our dishes are a crowd-pleaser at any gathering.

Diverse Menu Options

Whether your graduate prefers the smoky charm of grilled chicken or the rich, comforting taste of roasted varieties, La Rosa offers a diverse menu to cater to all preferences. We have options that extend beyond chicken, such as fresh salads, sandwiches and wraps, macaroni and cheese, vegetables and more.

Customizable Catering Packages

La Rosa understands that each event is unique, which is why we have customizable catering packages that can be tailored to your needs. Whether you're hosting a small family gathering or a large celebration, we can accommodate your grad party and help you craft the perfect menu. For example, our Party Specials include trays of chicken tenders and BBQ wings—perfect for a crowd! We also have Roasted and Grilled Chicken Packages that come with your choice of sides and corn muffins.

Hassle-Free Service

One of the best aspects of choosing La Rosa for your catering needs is our commitment to providing hassle-free service. We will take care of everything from preparation to delivery and setup, allowing you to focus on celebrating your graduate's accomplishments without the stress of managing the meal.

Menu Highlights from La Rosa

Some of our top menu items for catering include:

Signature Grilled Chicken

A must-try for any party, La Rosa’s grilled chicken is marinated in herbs and spices before being grilled to perfection. It’s served with a choice of dipping sauces that complement the smoky flavors. Our Grilled Chicken Party Packages serve up to 30 people and include corn muffins and sides.

Chicken Tenders

Our chicken tenders are tender and juicy. With a soft, almost buttery texture, tenders are a great pick for kids and adults alike. Plus, they are easy to eat and serve—no utensils required! If you choose one of our Chicken Tender Packages, you get fries (or a side of your choice) and dipping sauces.

Vegetarian Delights

Beyond chicken, La Rosa offers a selection of vegetarian dishes, such as garlic broccoli, cucumber and tomato salad, string beans and creamed spinach. Our trays of salad are also great for a crowd. All salads are made from fresh romaine lettuce and include traditional Caesar, Mediterranean and Gorgonzola. They are loaded with goodness, including shaved or crumbled cheeses and fresh veggies!

Planning Your Party

When planning your Princeton graduate’s party, consider the following tips to ensure a memorable celebration:

  • Book Early. Catering services can book up quickly, especially during graduation season, so contact La Rosa early to secure your date.
  • Estimate Portions Wisely. Discuss with our catering team how much food will be appropriate based on your guest count to ensure everyone leaves satisfied.
  • Consider Dietary Restrictions. Make sure to discuss any dietary restrictions or allergies with the caterer to accommodate all guests comfortably. We do our best to accommodate these needs!

Celebrating your graduate's success should be a joyful, stress-free experience. Contact La Rosa Chicken and Grill to learn more about our catering packages and how to secure your date!

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