Food trucks are becoming increasingly popular among consumers because they have unique food items, affordable prices and convenient ordering. But these trucks aren’t just sought-after by hungry people - they’re also favored by culinary entrepreneurs who are looking to break into the food industry without all the overhead costs of a restaurant.

Knowing that food trucks actually serve fresh food cooked on the spot, it’s no wonder why more people are choosing to include them at sporting events, festivals, block parties, graduation parties, weddings and more. They’re an easy, convenient and affordable way to feed a crowd - rain or shine.

La Rosa Chicken and Grill is proud to offer our very own Food Truck that can be rented out for special events. Whether you want to hire us for a private event or you see us out and about in your neighborhood, here are five great reasons to check us out. You won’t be disappointed!

1. Flexible and Mobile

Like other trucks, our Food Truck is flexible and mobile. This means that instead of being in a fixed location, we’re able to travel to different neighborhoods, attend special events, cater private parties and more. If you plan to hire us, simply give us a call and we’ll do our best to accommodate your schedule. If you want to try our fresh and healthy meals on wheels, follow us on social media to see where we are!

2. Fresh and Healthy Meals

Another reason to check out our Food Truck this summer is because we offer fresh and healthy meals that you won’t feel guilty about! We use the same high-quality ingredients that we use in our chicken restaurants, including marinated chicken and real vegetables. Our skilled chefs cook everything on-site, so you can expect your food to be cooked fresh and hot just the way you want it!

3. Wide Range of Options

While most people seek out our Food Truck because they love our chicken, you don’t have to be a chicken fanatic to enjoy the experience. Our truck serves mac and cheese, french fries and hamburgers. Of course, if you want the full La Rosa experience, be sure to check out our chicken sandwiches, wraps and tenders. Our trucks are also stocked with all the sauces - BBQ, ranch, honey mustard, La Rosa sauce and more.

4. Fast and Convenient

Although we have chicken restaurants throughout New York and New Jersey, we understand that people get busy and you might not have had the chance to visit us yet! But if our Food Truck is going to be at an event you’re attending this summer, it’s definitely worth checking out! You don’t have to drive anywhere special or wait in line. You can try out a variety of foods in a quick and convenient way - and all for the same price!

5. Support Your Local Economy

Lastly, eating off our Food Truck this summer allows you to support your local community. When you dine with La Rosa Chicken and Grill, you’re supporting a family owned restaurant instead of a large corporation. Every customer matters to us, which is why it’s truly a privilege to serve them. And as a family friendly restaurant, we also have family meals and kid-friendly menu items.

We hope these are compelling reasons to follow our pop-up Food Truck this summer. Be sure to follow us on social media so that you can see where we are! We’d love to have you out for a healthy and delicious chicken meal cooked fresh!

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