La Rosa Chicken and Grill has built its reputation on preparing wholesome, made-from-scratch comfort foods - and it’s still going strong after nearly 30 years. The recipes our healthy chicken restaurant follows are a large part of our success, but it also comes down to the quality of our ingredients. Everything served at our chicken restaurants is carefully selected based on freshness, nutritional value and quality.

When you want a healthy lunch or dinner, order something off the La Rosa Chicken and Grill menu! Here are the ways that we make our chicken meals as healthy as possible.

Natural, Preservative-Free Chicken

To ensure our dishes taste fresh and delicious, we use high quality chicken. Our chicken is natural, preservative-free and hormone-free. Additionally, it does not contain monosodium glutamate (MSG), a flavor enhancer commonly used in processed and restaurant foods. This allows the chicken we serve to retain its essential nutrients like iron, zinc and choline.

Furthermore, we do not use any products that contain fillers or chemical flavors. No matter how you order your chicken - grilled, roasted or crispy - you’re getting a healthy cut without all the additives. When you prepare and cook chicken the right way, you don’t need any of this stuff in the first place!

Homemade Side Dishes

Another way we make our meals healthier is by cooking everything from scratch, and this includes our side dishes. We source our ingredients from local farms when possible, and we make our sides at the start of each morning. This ensures that everything tastes fresh and delicious - nothing is ever soggy, wilted or dried out.

While some of our side dishes contain more calories than others - such as our creamy mac and cheese - most of them are part of a healthy diet. We offer steamed vegetables, steamed garlic broccoli, string beans and sweet mashed potatoes. Pair them with a grilled chicken breast, and you have a nutritious meal without excess calories.

Healthy Cooking Processes

On its own, chicken is a healthy protein that is included in most diets. Where things get tricky is the cooking process used. While crispy chicken tastes good, restaurants often fry it in oil. Regularly eating fried foods can raise the risk for heart problems, as they are high in trans fat and saturated fat.

At La Rosa Chicken and Grill, we marinate our meats with our own natural process so that the end result is moist, tender and flavorful. We then cook our chicken in ovens, kettles, open-fire grills and rotisseries. These cooking methods do not use excess oil, and they extract the fats while retaining the nutrients in the chicken.

And, as always, everything is cooked fresh daily. Nothing sits out under heat lamps for hours, which means you can expect a warm and freshly prepared meal just for you.

Healthy Eating at Our Chicken Restaurant

La Rosa Chicken and Grill cares about what we serve our customers. We want our food to taste good, but we also want people to know that they can count on us for a nutritionally balanced meal. This is why we are committed to getting high quality ingredients, using our own cooking processes and sourcing ingredients locally, when possible. The next time you want to eat out without consuming excess calories, fat and sodium, order from La Rosa Chicken and Grill.

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