Fire, clay pots and hot stones were used to cook chicken 3,000 years back. Archaeologists found various types of flames that were used to toast and roast. Today’s grilling and rotisserie are fairly close. We use moderate heat to prepare wings, thighs and breasts. Both are healthy ways of cooking that best capture the flavors while dripping away fat. These two styles are usually a part of the fast-food ecosystem. They are rising in popularity due to the quick pace of urban life and to meet the demand for affordable meals.

The US market size of fast-food chicken franchises stands at $40.6 billion in 2022 and has grown 4.8% per year on an average since 2017. It is likely to be worth $813.9 billion by 2028. So, grilling and roasting are here to stay. Try to have a fair idea of both and how one differs from the other. It will help you order chicken dishes as per personal preferences of texture, taste, color and juiciness for different moods. You can also pick and choose the right one for yourself depending on their nutritional value. Here’s a look.

Rotisserie Chicken Vs Grilled Chicken

A roasted chicken is delicate with the moisture content intact. This is regardless of the size of the pieces. The resultant dish is mostly golden brown with crispy skin and flavorful and juicy meat composition. One can use fresh herbs, lemon, parsley, a hint of white wine, garlic butter and rosemary while roasting the meat. These can enhance the taste and ensure a burst of flavors with every bite. Serve with salads, BBQ or teriyaki sauce, mashed potatoes or sandwiches on the side for a wholesome and fulfilling meal.

Grilled chicken makes for an excellent source of protein, especially when combined with high-protein foods like broccoli and quinoa. It is dry and flavorful and releases a lip-smacking aroma from the spices used. This is mostly because the fat is oxidized during the grilling process. You can enjoy a slightly rubbery and shiny appearance.

Rotisserie: Cooking Style

It is also known as spit-rotisserie. A solid skewer is used to hold the meat chunks and grilled over a fireplace or an oven. Place the chicken in the middle of the rotisserie rod and make sure they are firm enough to keep the pieces from flopping or throwing them off-balance. No high-flame fire is required. Low heat in an open flame is sufficient. It is a slow cooking method and is ideal for bigger pieces cooking over a long time. Rotisserie chicken is much lower in calories due to being oven-roasted.

Grilled Chicken: Cooking Style

The meat is cooked on flames of carbon on a charcoal grill rack. The heat is dry and high and is equally distributed on the chicken surface from the top, bottom and sideways. It is usually ideal for individual cuts like legs or breasts. Grilled chicken is lean and contains less fat and calorie content than other meat types. Add layers of flavor to the meat while it is on the grill by basting sauce or glaze and quick-smoking it. The smell and visual appeal make it perfect for date nights and similar celebrations.

Either prepare at home or order from your nearest chicken restaurant. Either way, make sure to pair it with chilled wine for the ultimate gastronomical experience.

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