Even though the U.S. is no longer in the grip of the COVID-19 pandemic, the coronavirus still remains a global threat. Therefore, it’s important that people are still mindful of the disease. If you have an anniversary coming up, you may not want to sit in a crowded restaurant just yet, especially if numbers are increasing in your area.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to celebrate your anniversary while protecting your and your family’s health. Even if it’s a big milestone anniversary, you can still have a blast and make memories! Below are some ideas for celebrating your 25th wedding anniversary safely amid an ongoing pandemic.

Serve Breakfast in Bed

Who doesn’t love being served breakfast in bed? Whether you plan on serving your spouse or having them serve you, breakfast in bed is a great way to kick off your anniversary. Think about a special breakfast that you shared in the past, perhaps on your first morning together as a married couple. If you have kids, you can always enlist their help!

Attend a Virtual Couple’s Event

You and your spouse can go on a virtual date - it will be one to remember and a true sign of the times! There are plenty of things you can do, so pick something that you and your spouse will both enjoy:

  • Virtual tour of a museum or art gallery
  • Stream a concert
  • Watch a magician
  • Take a cooking or mixology class
  • Take a virtual walk along the beach
  • Join a meditation class

Dance at Home

Move the furniture, turn on your favorite tunes and dance the night away! You don’t have to worry about anyone judging you - this is truly a time to enjoy your partner and the 25 years you’ve been together. You can even dress up to make the night more special. Of course, keeping it casual and dancing around in your pajamas might be more your style. Choose music that has meaning, such as the songs you danced to at your wedding.

Order-In a Romantic Dinner

Many people think of steak and pasta for anniversary dinners, but you can expand your choices to include grilled chicken, barbecue ribs and hearty salads. Order-in a cozy dinner from your favorite chicken restaurant - you don’t have to leave your house. In fact, you can stay in your pjs if you’d like!

La Rosa Chicken and Grill has a delicious menu with grilled, roasted and crispy chicken, sandwiches, salads, ribs and more. Place an order and have it delivered hot and fresh to your door! While you’re waiting, create a romantic ambiance by setting the table and lighting the candles.

Plan Your 25th Wedding Anniversary

Wedding anniversaries are special days, and even during a pandemic, you can still make yours memorable. Be open to participating in virtual events and consider some of your options for fresh, delicious food delivered to your door. This way, you can celebrate each other while protecting your health.

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