Who would have thought that a slice of bread could do so much for a sandwich. But as we all know, it can! Whether you’re serving chicken sandwiches at an upcoming party or feeling unsure when ordering out, we’ve got some great advice for you! When you consider these few points, you can create - and eat! - the best chicken sandwiches.




The cardinal rule of eating sandwiches is that the textures need to work together. If they don’t, it will mess up the flow of the sandwich. Sounds detailed, but it’s true.


For example, brioche is a sweet, fluffy bread that pairs well with chicken salad. Wraps and pitas are great for grilled chicken while a hearty roll is perfect for crispy chicken. You can also try roasted chicken with focaccia.


When choosing bread for your chicken sandwich, keep in mind the meat, toppings and condiments that are going inside. You’ll want to pick something that compliments these textures well.




Another thing to consider is how much support your sandwich needs. Heartier sandwiches like pulled chicken require more support and should be eaten with a bun or roll. Otherwise the chicken would fall through a thin slice of bread.


If you’re looking to get less carbs but need support, consider an open-face chicken sandwich. You can use thick-cut slices of bread like a baguette as the base and top it with chicken, veggies and condiments.




Some breads make better choices because of their taste. If you’re having a crispy chicken sandwich, you’ll prefer a buttery brioche bun as opposed to sourdough. Here are some of the most common bread types for chicken sandwiches.


  • Baguettes are versatile and light. You can slice them thin or serve them open face.


  • Sourdough bread is a great option for classic chicken sandwiches with melted cheese or bacon.



  • Wraps and pitas can be tasty additions to chicken sandwiches, especially when they’re filled with sprouts and leafy greens.


  • Rolls and thick-cut slices are best for hearty sandwiches like charbroiled or breaded chicken. They’ll hold everything together without getting soggy.


Everyone pays attention to the meat and toppings but you don’t want to forget about the bread! For a great selection of chicken sandwiches with the perfect bread and toppings, stop in to La Rosa Chicken and Grill. We’d love to make something for you

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