Americans overwhelmingly prefer chicken. The medical community also suggests that they must eat less beef and shift to this low-fat meat option. No wonder 68.1 pounds of chicken per person was available for human consumption compared to 56.2 pounds of beef in the US. Introducing protein-rich chicken to a diet helps with weight management, bone strength and reduced risks of cardiovascular diseases. Top restaurants use several cooking methods like grilling, baking, roasting, frying, and boiling that give your meal a better variety.

The per capita consumption of poultry had increased by 0.9% over the last 5 years up to 2023 and reached an estimated 113.3 pounds. Wish to join the bandwagon? Well, it is a good idea to add chicken to your plate after being vegan or vegetarian for some time. Following a few simple tips and tricks can ensure a great transition.

Order a Takeout

It can be as healthy as home-cooked chicken dishes. Highly experienced chefs make sure the meat nutrients like iron, vitamin, magnesium, selenium and zinc are intact. They prepare it in the safest way possible for both children and seniors for an excellent culinary experience. Do serve on a plate instead of digging into the takeout box, place it on the table and finish the food so you are able to eat the portion that fills you instead of overeating. It will support your digestion and help adapt to the mindset of eating chicken too. Continue to enjoy good health while thriving on delicious meat items.

Pick Simple Dishes

Do not directly opt for a steak or sizzler. Choose thinly sliced chicken slices with veggies. Experiment with different dressings like sour, creamy and sweet flavors. It makes the dish quite wholesome and may not derail your weight loss plan, if any. Try not to make it too meaty to avoid uncomfortable side effects that can harm you long term.

Start Light

Protein from chicken can reduce your appetite and can jump-start the weight loss process. So, try to start with eating on a small scale if you do not wish to shred pounds. Soups and broth could be sensible options. Small pieces of baby back ribs, rotisserie chicken, chicken rice soup, crispy chicken wrap and grilled wrap. Slowly go for chicken tenders, wings and breasts later on. Ditch heavy gravy for light strews. This way your stomach is less likely to have issues with the digestion process. Try to make it a low-fat diet by removing the chicken skin before consumption.

Nutritional Information

Have a clear idea of what you are consuming. Allergens of each meat item can vary due to manufacturing formulations or other substitutions. This is especially critical if you are planning to order from your nearest chicken restaurant. Chicken allergies are uncommon yet try to be careful if you have a low tolerance. The symptoms are usually mild and do not impact adults and adolescents.

Consult your nutritionist before adding chicken to your meal. Start with appetizers and slowly consume bigger meals. Else, the body may cramp if you eat too much too soon.

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