A crispy crunchy coating on succulent chicken is drool worthy! The crusty bite is followed by crackling noises while you munch that hit your brain. This is when dopamine is released and there is a sense of culinary pleasure. But it is much beyond the plain textural enjoyment and comes with surprising health benefits. Fried foods are a good source of Vitamin E which is further enhanced by the nutritive value of the frying media

Americans consume 8 billion chickens every year. No other meat comes even close to this popularity. This is also because a range of beers like craft or ale goes extremely well with fried or roasted chicken. It is a classic combination and a clear favorite of the nation. So, look at how to add an extra crisp for an unparalleled gastronomical experience

Crispy Chicken Recipe

It consists of tender chicken pieces coated with batter or seasoned flour and fried. The breading is known to add a crisp layer to the exterior. The insides remain soft since they retain the juices when cooked well. Health-conscious people use rice krispies and corn flakes instead of flour. Breadcrumb is also another safe choice

Corn starch is one of the experts’ suggested ingredients for a highly crispy chicken. It is mostly used in Asian dishes like thickening sauces, fruit pie fillings and fluffy omelets. The crispiest results can come from a mixture of cornstarch and flour

Fry for at least 14 minutes at a minimum internal temperature of 165°F. The coating might fall off later on. The best solution is to tap off the excess buttermilk and flour when breading the chicken. Also, do not add too many pieces to the pan. Do not keep flipping since you might tear or puncture the skin in the process. Do it only once else the crusty coating that has been formed may be knocked off

Accurate Heating

Smoothen the skin so that it is evenly distributed. Now start with high heat to get a good crust. Pour oil so that it is almost smoking in a skillet. Make sure the oven is at least 450°F and keep the rack in the hottest part of your oven. Check for the skin side up and then slide the chicken inside. It will become crispy when the chicken is thoroughly cooked. Do not forget to bast for a few times while it roasts with butter or oil

Brined Crispy Chicken

Brine the bird, let it air dry in the fridge and cook at the highest flame. It is a bit more labor- intensive than a simple regular spice rub. But this ensures extra crispy skin without dehydrating the chicken. There is an added flavor as well. But be careful not to over-brine it since then the meat may turn mushy

Whether preparing crispy chicken for the first time or you are a seasoned chef, putting these easy tips into action can help. Else, you may just order out from your nearest chicken restaurant to save all the hassle.

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