Eating a chicken wrap as opposed to a chicken sandwich can be a great way to eat healthier while getting extra nutrients. Wraps are often lower in carbs and calories compared to other options like brioche buns, and some even come packed with a high nutritional value.

Of course, what you put in the wrap makes a difference, too! Be sure to choose fresh, high-quality ingredients like grilled chicken, vegetables and a tasty sauce. Here are some tips on how to make the perfect chicken wrap while preventing it from falling apart!

Choose the Right Wrap

Select a high-quality wrap that is pliable and flexible, such as a large flour tortilla or sturdy lettuce leaf. Avoid wraps that are thin or prone to tearing, as they won’t hold up well when you fill them with vegetables and a protein. And, if you’re looking for extra flavor, pay attention to the type of wrap you buy. Some contain spices and flavorings that will enhance your meal!

Prep and Season Your Chicken

While there are different types of proteins that can go into wraps, grilled or crispy chicken are the most common. Cook the chicken to perfection by grilling, baking or pan frying it until it’s fully cooked and juicy, usually around 165 degrees Fahrenheit. Season the chicken by adding your favorite spices or marinade. Then let the chicken rest for a few minutes before cutting it into thin strips.

Use Moist Ingredients

To prevent your chicken wrap from drying out, be sure to use moist ingredients like tomatoes, avocadoes or sprouts. These ingredients will enhance the taste of your wrap, plus add moisture to prevent the wrap from drying out and falling apart. As long as you fold it tight, you can add plenty of ingredients - just like in the restaurants!

Layer Ingredients Strategically

Start by placing a layer of greens on the wrap to act as a barrier between the fillings and the wrap itself. You can use lettuce, spinach or other types of greens. They will also help prevent the wrap from becoming soggy. Next, layer the other ingredients on top of the greens and finish it off with the chicken.

Secure the Wrap with Foil

Use either foil or parchment paper to secure the wrap. This helps hold everything together, especially if you’re not planning on eating the wrap right away. Just be sure to keep the wrap refrigerated until you’re ready to eat. Prior to serving, cut the wrap in half and secure the halves with a toothpick.

Chicken wraps are tasty, and they leave room for all types of sauces, marinades and vegetables. By following the tips above, you can make the perfect wrap on your own without it falling apart! But just in case - be sure to have a fork or spoon on hand so that you can scoop up any lost ingredients. You don’t want to miss out on any of the goodness!

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