A chicken sandwich can supply you with various nutrients like protein, carbohydrates, fiber, fat and more. You can grab it at breakfast or lunch and enjoy both taste and health. However, some common mistakes can ruin your sandwich. So, here are some pro tips to help you make a chicken sandwich perfectly.

Pick a Suitable Bread

Choosing the right bread is fundamental to making a good sandwich. If you use soft, fluffy bread, you will end up getting a sponge after adding moist fillings. Remember that for moister fillings, you need to use denser and drier bread. You can opt for a thick crust.

Large flour tortillas, for instance, are great for moist fillings. If you use crusty croissants, bread and rolls high in starchy carbohydrates and fat, balance with at least 2 vegetable servings per sandwich. For that, bean sprouts, jalapenos, iceberg lettuce, banana peppers and shredded cabbage are healthy choices.

Use Juicy Chicken

Whether you wish to prepare a grilled or crispy chicken sandwich, you must ensure that the chicken is on point. Cooking the chicken particularly for the sandwich is an option. Else you can try leftovers from the previous night. In that case, consider drizzling water and olive oil in a small amount over the chicken to moisten reheated chicken.

Add the Right Toppings

Lettuce is both healthy and lends freshness, crunch, and moisture to a sandwich. But if you use lettuce, ensure to not leave the sandwich for prolonged periods to avoid a watery mess. Same for tomatoes. So, you can use sun-dried tomatoes to keep it both healthy and dry. But don't limit your options. Go ahead and experiment with roasted peppers, cabbage shreds, spinach, and sliced fennel. You can skip the cucumber.

Spread Out

Spreads not only enhance the flavor of a sandwich but also perform the important function of adding creaminess or moistness to it. Mayo and mustard are the most popular choices. But feel free to experiment with different sandwich spreads like pesto, honey mustard, salsas and BBQ sauces.

Avoid Sogginess

Remember to apply the sandwich spread evenly and cover the edges of every bread slice. This helps form a seal against wet fillings. Besides, it's good to pack high-moisture ingredients like pickles and raw tomatoes separately. Add them only when ready to eat the sandwich. Even better, you can toast the bread to make it crispy.

Take the Edge Off Onions

Onions taste great in sandwiches. But you'll want to tame them a little if you add them raw. There are 2 useful ways to use sliced onions properly. One is soaking thin slices of onions in ice water for roughly 20 minutes. Then consider draining and blotting them dry. This process adds some crispiness. Otherwise, you can toss the slices and sprinkle kosher salt generously. Let them be for a few minutes. Then rub salt into those slices followed by rinsing and draining.

Follow the above tips to make the perfect chicken sandwich or take a break and order a customized one from a good takeaway restaurant.

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