Many of our traditions and habits revolve around sharing a meal with friends and family. Food has the powerful ability to connect people and nurture relationships. No wonder why so many people suggest going out for a meal as a way to spend time with loved ones!

When sharing food with friends and family, you can use this time to come together, try new foods and improve self-esteem. But before you spend all day shopping, cooking and cleaning, you can get the same benefits by dining out - and without all the work!

Here are the benefits of dining out with friends and family.

Less Time Cooking, More Time to Relax

Going out to eat is a great way to bond with each other over delicious food. When you dine out, you don’t have to worry about planning a menu, shopping for ingredients and preparing and serving a meal. All of this stress is quickly wiped away when you go out for a meal.

To ensure your dining experience is successful, pick a restaurant that has a big menu so that there are enough options for everyone. La Rosa Chicken and Grill is a chicken restaurant with many locations throughout New Jersey and Staten Island. We have something for everyone, including grilled and crispy chicken, fresh salads and sandwiches.

Try New Foods and Flavors

When you’re cooking for a group, it can be difficult to find recipes that each person will enjoy. However, when you dine out at a restaurant, everyone gets to order their own meal. This takes the stress out of planning a menu for a large group.

Plus, when you dine out, you and your loved ones get to explore new flavors and dishes. Some restaurants even offer family-style dining, allowing guests to try several different dishes at once. La Rosa Chicken and Grill offers family meals that include chicken or ribs, cornbread and the sides of your choice.

Accommodate Large Groups

It’s easier to accommodate large groups at a restaurant versus at your home. Just make sure that you call ahead to reserve your table! Even with a large gathering, you can sit back, relax and enjoy social time with your friends and family. There will be enough space to move around, as well as free refills on soda and water.

And, if there are kids in your group, you don’t have to worry about entertaining them at your home. Pick a restaurant that has kids’ meals or simple finger foods like chicken fingers, creamy mac and cheese and steamed vegetables.

Probably the best part about dining out is that you get to return to a clean home - and hopefully with leftovers! The next time you want to spend time with friends and family over a delicious meal, we hope that you choose La Rosa Chicken and Grill. It’s the perfect place to savor good conversation and a tasty, fresh-cooked meal.

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