With Thanksgiving just weeks away, now is the time to finalize your dinner menu. You should have a general idea of who’s coming and how much food you need to cook or have catered. What you might not know is what to put on your menu! Of course, you’ll want to have the Thanksgiving staples - turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing - but there are some other dishes that are worth considering, too.

Below are some ideas for your Thanksgiving dinner menu - some traditional and some not. Pick your favorites and put together a delicious and creative menu for friends and family!

Meat - Turkey, Ham and/or Chicken

According to the National Turkey Federation, 88 percent of Americans eat turkey in one form or another on Thanksgiving day. Some people feel that turkey can be dry, but the gravy adds plenty of moisture and flavor!

You can always serve a small ham on the side for those who don’t care for turkey, or you can serve a small rotisserie chicken. Either way, this will be the main entree of your meal, so you want to make sure it’s done right.

Creamy Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are another staple on the Thanksgiving table. They’re tasty, creamy and pair well with chicken, turkey and ham. This year, consider shaking up classic mashed potatoes with something new. Some of our top picks include garlic mashed potatoes, sour cream and cheddar mashed potatoes and even mashed sweet potatoes with a bit of brown sugar on top!

Green Bean Casserole

To make your green bean casserole taste more fresh and less soupy, ditch the cream of mushroom soup! Instead, saute real mushrooms with thin slices of onion and butter. This will form the base, and it will be packed with flavor! Some people even like to add a bit of cheese to their casserole.


A good stuffing will enhance your Thanksgiving dinner. There are plenty of recipes out there, but we recommend using freshly dried bread. Even though it’s a bit more work than using store-bought bread cubes, it makes the stuffing taste delicious. We suggest using rustic breads like sourdough or French bread.

Honey Balsamic Brussel Sprouts

Many people cringe when they hear they have to eat brussel sprouts, but they can be so delicious when cooked right! We love this recipe for Honey Balsamic Brussel Sprouts. You’ll cook the brussel sprouts until they are tender and golden, and then toss them in a honey balsamic glaze. The flavors work together so well!

Corn Casserole

Rather than serving plain corn, elevate this dish by making a sweet-tasting corn casserole. This Southern-inspired dish is made with fresh or frozen corn. Some variations use sour cream, others heavy whipping cream. Either way, it’s an inexpensive and quick crowd pleaser for kids and adults!

Honey Glazed Baby Carrots

Another great veggie to add to the Thanksgiving table is roasted baby carrots. We love them because they’re warm and sweet tasting - and they add plenty of color to the Thanksgiving table! Top them with fresh parsley or chives. You can also try balsamic roasted baby carrots if you prefer a tangier taste over sweet.

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