There is no shortage of places to buy chicken tenders from. As one of the most popular foods in America, chicken tenders can be found at most restaurants, bars and festivals, and they’re a staple in most grocery stores. Chicken tenders are also loved by kids, so they make a great family meal that satisfies everyone.

But where can you find the absolute best chicken tenders in Princeton, NJ? Well, you have a few options! You can pick up a bag of frozen tenders and cook them at home, make the tenders yourself or pick up the tenders from a chicken restaurant like La Rosa Chicken and Grill. It all depends on what you like, who you’re serving, your budget and how much time and effort you want to put in.

Why Americans Love to Eat Chicken Tenders

First, let’s explore why adults and kids alike love to eat chicken tenders. The answer is simple. They taste amazing! You get a thick, hefty slab of meat under a golden crust. The crust keeps the chicken tender and moist, and it can contain delicious herbs and spices that add flavor to each bite, such as garlic, pepper and paprika.

Chicken tenders are also easy to eat. You can use a fork if you choose, but you can also pick them up with your hands. This is a big deal if you plan on serving food at a large event, like a family picnic or graduation party. Guests can take the chicken tenders and eat them without having to use a knife and fork.

Lastly, chicken tenders are a hit because they're completely customizable. You can pick your breading, seasoning, cooking method and dipping sauce. Some of the top picks are honey mustard, ketchup, ranch and barbecue sauce. This way, you can make the same meal for everyone while allowing each person to have their own experience.

Your Options for the Best Chicken Tenders in Princeton NJ

If you’re planning to serve and eat the best chicken wings in Princeton NJ, you have a few options.

Buy them from the grocery store.

The easiest way to eat chicken tenders is to buy them from the grocery store. Every grocery store carries frozen chicken tenders in the freezer section, and some of the best brands are Purdue, Tyson and Top Chick. However, like all frozen foods, frozen chicken tenders are often packed with excess fillers, preservatives and sodium and should be eaten in moderation.

Make them yourself.

You also have the option to make your own chicken tenders at home. It does take a bit of work, but making your own tenders is relatively simple. You’ll need to cut the chicken into strips, dip them into flour, egg and a bread crumb mixture, and then cook them in the oven. Homemade tenders are healthier than frozen tenders because they’re made from more natural ingredients.

Order them from the best chicken restaurant.

La Rosa Chicken and Grill is known for having the best chicken tenders in Princeton NJ. We encourage you to stop in and try our tenders today! We fry our chicken tenders with zero trans fats and cholesterol-free oils, making them a much healthier alternative compared to other restaurants.

If you do plan to order chicken tenders from La Rosa Chicken and Grill, you’ll find them on our Finger Foods section, as well as on our Kids’ Menu. Choose from mild or spicy tenders and pick your sauce - buffalo, honey mustard, sriracha, bbq, creamy parmesan or our signature La Rosa sauce. They'll be the best tenders you've tasted!

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