Chicken wings are more nutritious than we think! One skinless and boneless chicken wing contains 203 calories per 3.5 ounces, 30.5 grams of protein and 8.1 grams of fat which means 64% of the calories come from protein and 36% from fat. Wings can easily be a part of your healthy platter if not covered in rich sauces or breading.

Studies have found that they are a ‘crowd-pleasing appetizer’ for the pickiest eater. A survey of 2,000 people found that 75% agree that the taste is hard to beat. So, 3 in 5 are likely to order wings most every time they head over to a restaurant. The best one offers the highest quality meat and unique cooking methods and is served with celery, blue cheese and buffalo sauce. Look at the health benefits of adding it to your daily menu.

Good Reasons to Have Chicken Wings

You may buy fresh wings and prepare them in the oven, smoker, or grill. The flavor, texture and quality are mostly in your hands. Frozen pieces from Purdue, TGI Fridays and Tyson are also fantastic alternatives. Here’s what they can do to you.

  • Protein aids in healing wounds or surgeries quicker
  • Improves the overall condition of hair and nails
  • Helps in the new cell formation
  • Ease depression and helps you feel better
  • Increase the blood hemoglobin
  • Builds immunity to fight foreign particles
  • Repairs cartilage and tissues
  • Regulates the blood glucose levels
  • Blocks the free radical formation
  • Might stop the development of cancer
  • Boosts and normalizes brain activities
  • Improves the reproduction function

Try to consume wings at least 1-2 times per week. This is enough to add vitamins and minerals to your body. Else, simply order the cut from your nearest takeaway eatery in New Jersey. They are available in 6,12,18 and 24 wings which are convenient if you are going out with friends and family this holiday season.

Healthy Chicken Wings Pairings

Thanksgiving and Christmas are on their way! Turn your favorite wings into a wholesome meal by serving with delicious side dishes. Consider mashed potatoes, stuffed mini peppers, onion rings, cornbread, avocado fries and zucchini sticks. Spicy roasted cauliflower, nachos, butternut squash and barley salad are mouthwatering ideas too.

Fruity-flavored drinks go quite well with wings. Wines like Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are perfect to help you relish the meat to the fullest. American-style pale ales are ideal to complement the flavors of the fried or baked chicken wings.

Honey BBQ, parmesan garlic, sesame soy, Asian marinade, lemon pepper, pan-fried fish sauce and hot garlic sauces can add extra moisture, color, and texture. Make sure to check their ingredients beforehand to avoid health issues.

Chicken wings are a timeless dish and therapeutic nutrition for stroke or heart issues. The recipe you choose determines the health benefits. Try to grill them instead of frying. You may cook without the skin to make it fat-free. The best restaurants can mimic the flavor of fried wings while providing the nutritional advantages of cooked wings.

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