Everyone loves rotisserie chicken - and it’s understandable why! The National Chicken Council estimates that more than 950 million rotisserie chickens are sold each year, which is almost three chickens per person!

People love these whole chickens because they’re convenient, inexpensive and tasty. For under $10, you can feed a whole family! And if you don’t have a whole family to feed, you can use the leftovers to make soups, wraps and other healthy dishes.

A number of online sources taste-test rotisserie chickens from various grocery stores and rank them based on price, value, size and shape, skin color and flavor and the tenderness and juiciness of the meat. And while each publication may have slightly different results, it seems to be that grocery stores like Jewel (Albertsons), Mariano’s (Kroger), Costco and Whole Foods come out on top.

But what about the best chicken in your specific location, say, Staten Island? Who does it best? Our humble (...and slightly biased) opinion is La Rosa Chicken and Grill!

Why Our Rotisserie Chicken is Simply the Best in Staten Island!

La Rosa Chicken and Grill has three locations in Staten Island - Guyon Avenue, Richmond Valley and Victory Boulevard. Our goal is to create delicious, home-cooked meals using fresh, high quality ingredients. We want families and individuals to know that they can count on us to feed them as we would ourselves!

Obviously, the taste and flavor of our food is important, but we know that we can achieve this without using too much fat, salt or chemicals. What many people don’t realize is that the rotisserie chickens bought from the stores often contain injections that include sugar, processed ingredients, gums and carrageenan, as well as huge amounts of sodium.

For example, natural flavors aren't as “natural” as you might think, and processed ingredients should be avoided as much as possible. And while adding a bit of salt to your chicken is fine, you’d be surprised at how much sodium is added to rotisserie chickens. It’s way more than you would add yourself!

The reasons why La Rosa Chicken and Grill has the best rotisserie chicken in Staten Island are:

  • Highest quality chicken. Our chickens are natural and free of preservatives, hormones and MSG. No fillers or chemically flavored low-grade products are used. We rely on the quality of the chicken and how it’s prepared.
  • Wholesome cooking methods. To ensure our chicken comes out tender and juicy, we use various cooking methods like ovens, kettles, open fire grills and rotisseries. The goal is to extract the fats while retaining moisture for exceptional juiciness!
  • Foods made from scratch. Our side dishes are made fresh daily using real fresh vegetables. Our chickens are seasoned with basic ingredients like salt and pepper. It’s almost as if you’re eating from home - but without the work!

Treat Yourself at La Rosa Chicken and Grill in Staten Island - and Feel Good about What You’re Eating!

La Rosa Chicken and Grill has locations throughout New York and New Jersey. We feed Staten Island with our three convenient locations and hours. You can stop in any time to try out our delicious rotisserie chicken. Order an individual portion and choose your sides, or bring a whole rotisserie chicken home for the family!

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