It is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But research now shows that a wholesome lunch is also crucial in terms of health benefits. Skipping the mid-day meal can leave you feeling confused and fatigued. The body also starts getting stressed, while the metabolism slows down. So, it is vital to consume a nutritious lunch to energize the body for the rest of the day.

One of the best lunch options is a chicken-based meal. It is packed with vitamins that boost the immune system and keep you active. The lean protein offered by chicken keeps you feeling full, promotes better weight management and thus prevents high blood pressure. So, make chicken as a part of your lunch to power through the afternoon and evening.

Not convinced? Here are some more reason why chicken should be part of your daily lunch.

Focus and Concentration

These are the vital elements of productivity. You must ensure a balanced meat-based lunch that can help you boost these cognitive abilities. Chicken can increase the body's iron level, which is responsible for better memory, thinking and attention power. This is especially vital if you are a student or have a desk job. It offers your brain the key ingredients to think clearly, solve problems efficiently and make effective decisions at work.

Order chicken sandwiches, wraps, soups, platters and salads from your favorite restaurant for a hearty lunch. It can also relieve stress and soothe PMS symptoms, which will keep you at your productive best throughout the day.

Physical Development

Food packed with lean protein can build muscles and keep the body in good shape. Lunch is the ideal meal to ensure growth and development. This is especially true if you cannot eat a proper breakfast early in the day. All you have to do is pick grilled, roasted or rotisserie chicken from the top restaurant for your mid-day meal.

Chicken is an excellent source of amino acids, which help muscles tissues grow, and promote healthier bones. This further decreases the risk of osteoporosis. Pair it with nuts, beans and yogurt for the best results.

Better Mood

Most of us with a 9-5 job tend to feel sleepy or sluggish by the late afternoon. So, be conscious of your lunch decisions. Chicken is rich in protein and tyrosine, says the USDA, which means it can also boost your dopamine levels. This leaves you feeling highly energized and upbeat. It is also useful in preventing depression, lack of enthusiasm, sadness and demotivation. You are more likely to be engaged and productive at school or office.

General Health and Well-Being

Unhealthy lunch choices have been associated with brain fog, gastrointestinal issues and lapses in focus. Try to include a nutrient-rich diet to keep yourself stimulated all day. It can also promote heart health, ensure the right BMI and enhance mental health. Chicken offers a well-rounded diet, with the right amounts of iron, zinc, iodine, vitamins and essential fatty acids. It is great for the digestive system too, due to its zero-fiber content.

Order your chicken meals from a top-notch restaurant. The best ones prepare meals with fresh ingredients and the best quality grilled, roasted and fried chicken for a satisfying experience.

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