If there are several people who enjoy the same kind of food, then consider making a platter that can be shared. Most restaurants serve a chicken platter in NJ that can be customized based on the flavors that you enjoy or whether you like bone-in or boneless chicken. If you're trying to make your own, there are a few tips to keep in mind so that you get the best results for the people you're serving.

Using the Best Meat

When you make a chicken platter, you need to use the freshest meat possible. Avoid using frozen chicken as it might not cook all the way through and will likely lose a lot of moisture during the cooking process. Sauces and dry rubs that are used tend to stick to chicken that is thawed a bit better than frozen meat.

Chicken Options

One detail that you'll usually see on a chicken platter in NJ is that there are different types of chicken. If you want only one kind, then you can let the restaurant know before you place an order. However, it's sometimes better to get a few different types of chicken on the platter so that everyone can choose what they want instead of feeling as though they have to eat something they might not like.

Making the Platter Age Appropriate

Consider the ages of the people who will eat from the platter. If you're serving the food to adults, then you might want to use a few more flavors and spices. However, if the platter is for children, then you might want to make it playful and fun. You could include chicken strips, nuggets, or other pieces that can be enjoyed using their fingers instead of a fork. Offer a few different types of dipping sauces as well, especially if you plan to have strips or nuggets on the platter.

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