La Rosa Grill has a reputation for making the best chicken salad in NJ. Each serving epitomizes the food values of La Rosa Grill's founder and owner, Vincenzo Pugliese. Pugliese, the son of Italian immigrants, carries on his Italian traditions by selecting the highest quality fresh ingredients, preparing them expertly and presenting them with love and care. No wonder La Rosa Grill's makes the best chicken salad in NJ.


The Secret to La Rosa Grill's Success

La Rosa Grill is a chain that operates like a freestanding restaurant. The menu utilizes hormone- and preservative-free chicken. The grilling process and the in-house recipes do not include MSG or other potentially dangerous additives. There are no low-grade products containing artificial flavors.

In fact, La Rosa Grill prepares its legendary chicken salad and other standout menu items the way your grandmother, or Nonna, did. The experienced kitchen team marinates all meats in curated marinades for optimal flavor. The cooking process utilizes kettles, ovens, rotisseries and open-fire grills to enhance depth of umami and recreate a super fresh, home-cooked taste.

All sides and entrees consist of real vegetables purchased frequently and prepped daily for the freshest taste at the table.


When You're Craving Timely Food, Not Fast Food

Wholesome food can be timely without being ""fast."" La Rosa Grill proves this through a targeted menu designed for enjoyment in-house, to go or delivered. Platters, bowls, soups and burgers make excellent first course and main course options for individuals, families and small groups.

If you're watching carbs and calories, there are entree salads you can top with gyro meat, crispy chicken or grilled chicken. There are Mediterranean salads as well as gorgonzola, Caesar and garden salads Choose between light or full-flavored dressings for a highly personalized salad to be eaten unaccompanied or before/after your entree. Visit La Rosa Grill today to sample the best chicken salad in NJ.

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