When you own a restaurant that serves chicken to customers, you should try to offer a variety of dishes, so customers have something to choose from when they eat there. An option besides fried chicken or chicken strips would be a chicken salad platter. Only the freshest ingredients should be used when making the platter including the bread if you're making sandwiches with chicken salad and any vegetables that are used. You can store the salad in a refrigerator for a short time before it's served but try to make the salad platters as close to when customers order them as possible.

A chicken salad platter in NJ can choose from on your menu is a good option for the warm months of the year as it's light and refreshing. If you have a deli case, then you can prepare platters of different sizes in the morning and sell them for the customers who visit for lunch. Try to keep the cooler stocked throughout the day but monitor how many are left before you close so that you don't have to keep a lot of extra food overnight.

When you make chicken salad platters with the salad in a sandwich or by itself, you need to use cooked chicken with the skin removed as this will give the best consistency and flavor. Try to only use white meat as well. You can add almost anything to the salad that you think customers would like, but a good base includes mayonnaise, chopped onions, chopped celery, walnuts, cranberries, and seasonings. Platters that you have on the menu should be presented in a way that is enticing and that would make customers enjoy what they are eating. An idea would be to place the salad on a bed of lettuce with fresh vegetable on either side.

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