Not all chicken places are created equal. You want to find a location that you can consistently count on to deliver great tasting meals to you and your family with each and every visit. Vincenzo Pugliese understood the need to create a restaurant that would please his customers, and so he set out to incorporate the following qualities with the opening of La Rosa Chicken & Grill. The result is the one of the best chicken restaurants in NJ. There are many characteristics that make an establishment so successful.

Fresh Food

The battle that all restaurants face is ordering and then cooking the right amount of food so that it is always fresh. Customers can taste the difference. The best restaurants will work to ensure that every meal is fresh, even if that means some waste occurs. Patrons should not have to suffer because management cooks too much food the day before.

Happy Employees

appy employees are well taken care of. This translates into excellent service, and that is what the patrons expect and deserve. This is also the hallmark of a great chicken restaurant and is reflective in the number of repeat customers to come through the doors. If you see servers with a smile on their face, that is likely a place you will want to eat at.

Clean Facilities

A clean facility indicates that the management takes their business seriously. It is appealing to eat at such an establishment as well. You will want to look at how clean the building is, as this is a likely indicator of how good the overall experience will be. When you are looking for one of the best chicken restaurants in NJ, these are the qualities you expect. La Rosa Chicken & Grill has been perfecting its operation since it first opened in 1994, so you can expect quality service and great tasting food. Give them a try the next time you are in the area.

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