July is many people's favorite summer month - and for good reason. The fireworks, sparklers, parades, festivals and barbecues combine for the perfect midsummer treat. Ready to enjoy some red, white and blue this July? Fire up the grill and enjoy these barbecue ideas.


Pork Ribs for a Crowd

Baby back pork ribs are a great bbq staple. They're sweet and tangy and they smell oh-so-good on the grill. Because they contain rich, delicious fats, you'll want to pair them with the right sides. We recommend baked beans, corn on the cob, pasta salad or potato salad. Plus, ribs are a great option when you're serving a crowd. Throw a slab on the grill and you'll have food for everyone!


Tender, Juicy Barbecue Chicken

Another summer favorite is BBQ chicken on the grill. You can use whatever parts of the chicken you want - the breasts, thighs, wings or legs. Dark meat is more tender and juicy, but chicken breasts can be equally delicious. If you're worried about overcooking the chicken, brine it first in a salt-water solution. Not only does this prevent overdrying, but it also makes it easier to leave fancy grill marks!


Classic Hot Dogs and Hamburgers

Almost every summer gathering has some variation of hot dogs and hamburgers. They're relatively inexpensive and easy to toss on the grill, making them a top pick for social gatherings. And because there's not a lot of prep with these meats, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the 4th of July festivities.


Grilled Corn on the Cob

Corn on the cob is one of the most commonly eaten foods on the 4th of July. It's juicy, delicious and goes great with barbecued meats. The nice thing is that you can toss the corn cobs on the grill along everything else for a fresh, hot meal straight off the grill. While there are many ways to season and cook corn, we feel that some of the best recipes are the simplest - a dash of butter and a sprinkle of salt are all that's needed for this veggie!


S'mores on the Grill

Love s'mores but don't have a bonfire to roast marshmallows? That's okay - bust out that grill one last time for the day! Heat the grill to a medium heat, skewer the marshmallows onto roasting skewers and hold them over the grill just like you would a fire pit. If you're not comfortable holding the skewers over the flame, you can put the s'mores together, place them on the grill, cover the lid and cook them until the chocolate is melted. Tired of spending your summer days cooking and cleaning? Consider catering from La Rosa Chicken and Grill. You can get all your favorites - barbecue chicken, baby back ribs, fresh sides, cornbread and more! This way, it will still feel like summer but without all the work!

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