When you bite into a chicken sandwich, it’s not just the chicken you taste. It’s the bread, too. This is why the bread deserves the same attention as everything else. If you’ve had stale bread on a sandwich before, you know all too well that the wrong bun can ruin the entire dish. Though there are different types of bread, the most important thing is that it’s fresh. People have various tastes, but we all want freshness. Below are some of the tastiest bread options to complete the best chicken sandwich.


Ciabbatta is often compared to a French baguette and has a slightly sour taste with a hearty crust. It’s made from basic ingredients like wheat flour, olive oil and yeast and can be baked in many different ways. The reason why ciabatta is a great pick for chicken sandwiches is because it’s firm and doesn’t “melt” into the sandwich, yet it manages to soak in the flavors from the chicken. At La Rosa Chicken & Grill, we use multigrain ciabatta with our chicken sandwiches for the added health benefits

Fresh Baked Roll 

It might sound simple, but a freshly baked roll puts the icing on the cake - or the gravy on the chicken. To make fresh hamburger-style buns, only a few ingredients are needed, including yeast, sugar, eggs and flour. The ingredients are combined into dough, then kneaded and rolled into small balls. When they cook up, they form the most delicious, freshest tasting bread that complements any chicken sandwich! 


Brioche buns are similar to fresh baked rolls in terms of texture, but they are richer tasting thanks to the extra eggs and butter. They do require more time to prepare and cook compared to plain bread, so not all restaurants offer this type of bread straight from the oven. But, brioche buns remain popular bread choice for both chicken sandwiches and char-grilled burgers. 

Whole Wheat Wraps 

Bread is definitely a comfort food, but it’s not on everyone’s menu. For those who are watching their carb intake, a wrap can be a good alternative. Don’t be fooled by spinach wraps, though. They generally only contain trace amounts of spinach and are typically made with refined grains. Instead, opt for whole wheat wraps. These wraps contain fiber and good carbs, and when filled with fresh chicken and veggies, make a well-balanced meal.  La Rosa Chicken & Grill has a full menu of chicken options, many of which can be served as sandwiches or wraps. We focus on high-quality ingredients that nourish our bodies, such as natural, preservative-free chicken, fresh vegetables and freshly baked breads straight from our kitchens. Let us cater your next event, or stop in today for a juicy chicken sandwich! 

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