Whether you're hosting a small gathering or a large office Christmas party, you know the main reason why guests attend is for the food! Rather than preparing everything yourself or asking people to bring meals for a potluck, a better option is to hire a catering service. This is especially important during a pandemic when all food must be handled properly. Not only does a catering service provide you with a wide selection of top-notch foods and cleanly service, but also it saves you from having to do the work yourself. You can choose your menu based on your budget and accommodate special dietary needs as well. La Rosa Chicken & Grill has a large catering menu with freshly prepared foods using the highest quality ingredients. Need some direction? Below are five of our top picks for holiday catering.

1. Chicken Tenders

You can't go wrong with chicken tenders. They appeal to all ages, especially with all the fun dipping sauces like honey mustard, sweet barbecue and cool ranch. La Rosa offers two convenient options: a 24-piece pan of tenders and a 50-piece pan of tenders. You can mix and match them with our other chicken options for a well-rounded lunch or dinner!

2. Grilled Chicken

Grilled chicken breasts are a great option for health-conscious eaters. La Rosa offers a 5 lb. tray of breasts that are expertly grilled to perfection. They're slightly charred on top and have juicy insides. Your guests will leave feeling full but without all the calories!

3. Fresh Salads

Salad pairs well with just about all proteins, chicken included. Plus, guests can add the chicken tenders or grilled chicken breasts to their salad if they choose. Otherwise, they can eat the fresh greens on the side. La Rosa has a great selection of fresh salads that include a Caesar Salad with romaine and shaved parmigiano cheese, a Mediterranean Salad with cucumbers and feta and our signature Gorgonzola Salad that combines dried cranberries, honey roasted walnuts, bacon crumbles and gorgonzola cheese.

4. Side Dishes

People often have a hard time choosing side dishes for their holiday party. They want options that are tasty and filling but easy to eat. And they often want something different than traditional potato salads and pasta salads. Fortunately, La Rosa makes it easy to choose the perfect catering side dishes. We have half tray sides of rice pilaf, steamed broccoli, tomatoes and cucumbers, mashed potatoes and more. And if you made the choice to invite kids to your holiday event, they'll love the macaroni and cheese!

5. Cornbread

Tired of the same old loaves of French bread? Cornbread is a wonderful addition to your holiday spread. You can purchase cornbread by the piece from La Rosa, or they're included in our catering packages. This buttery side compliments our foods perfectly and brings the plate together - fresh chicken, vegetables on the side and a buttery slice of cornbread. Perfection! If you're in charge of a holiday party, don't go it alone! Contact La Rosa Chicken & Grill to learn more about our catering options and how to place an order.

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