If you want to bring the best chicken wings to your kitchen an air fryer is a healthier alternative and great option that can be used to whip up juicy, delicious chicken thighs, chicken breasts and chicken tenders. Most fryers are under $125, making them an affordable addition to your dinnertime routine.  If your family loves La Rosa Chicken & Grill styled chicken and wants to try and replicate it the best possible way at home, an air fryer is a must. Here are some reasons why this small convection oven is great for cooking chicken at home. 

Less Oil = Healthier Cooking 

Chicken, on its own, is incredibly healthy. It’s a lean meat that is included in most diets thanks to its high levels of protein, calcium, phosphorous, Vitamin B5 and magnesium. However, how healthy your meal is, depends on how the chicken is cooked. Fried and crispy chicken, for example, uses flour and oil. With an air fryer, you can enjoy crispy chicken without the oil. The fryer uses electrical elements to heat the air and circulate it through the food. This process cooks the chicken quickly without drying it out, leaving you with crispy skin and juicy insides. 

Faster Meals 

Whether you’re cooking for family, friends or yourself, it’s always best when you can get dinner on the plate quickly. Thankfully, air fryers are the master of fast at home chicken meals. They only need a few minutes to warm up, and then you’re free to drop in chicken thighs, frozen fries or whatever else you’re cooking.  Cook times are also reduced, so you can have a hot, fresh meal on your plate in under 30 minutes. 

Versatile Cooking Options 

Air fryers are capable of cooking many different foods, from chicken wings to french fries to baked goods. The reason for this is the many settings that the fryers include, such as bake, broil, roast, grill and stir fry. This means that you can cook chicken thighs, breasts, tenders, wings, etc. however you like them!  Some fryers even come with rotisserie racks, grill pans, elevated cooking racks and divided baskets. This gives you more freedom to cook chicken any way you want! Air fryers can also be used to reheat food, which is a much better option than trying to heat chicken in a microwave. 

Easy to Use and Clean Up

Whether you love to cook chicken or are new to it, air fryers are very easy to operate. Just select the temperature and cooking time, add the chicken and shake a few times while cooking. They don’t lose heat like ovens do, so you can check in on your food and make sure it’s cooking properly.  When the meal is complete, place the baskets and pans in the dishwasher for a quick cleanup. The parts are non-stick coated, so the food wipes off easily. While ordering from the best chicken restaurants is a welcome treat, it’s also nice to eat at home and not have to fear the cleanup.  Air fryers are a great option for busy parents, college students and older adults. If you love cooking at home, you’ll enjoy the convenience and versatility that an air fryer has to offer, especially when it comes to making the best chicken! 

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