When it comes to picnics, one thing is for sure: great food can elevate the experience from enjoyable to unforgettable. And what better way to satisfy your taste buds than with delicious chicken dishes that are both easy to prepare and perfect for outdoor dining?

If you love to picnic, especially during the beautiful months of fall, you’ll find plenty of great picnicking spots in Staten Island. And while you can certainly pack your own lunch, you can also order takeout from La Rosa Chicken and Grill.

Below we'll introduce you to five mouthwatering chicken dishes that are sure to be a hit at your next picnic.

1. Classic Fried Chicken

Nothing says picnic like crispy, golden-brown fried chicken. It's a timeless favorite that's loved by both young and old. To prepare this dish, marinate chicken pieces in a blend of buttermilk, spices and herbs. Then, coat them with seasoned flour and fry until they're irresistibly crunchy and juicy. Serve with your favorite dipping sauces and coleslaw for a true picnic treat.

2. Grilled Chicken Skewers

Grilled chicken skewers are not only delicious but also incredibly portable, making them a fantastic choice for an outdoor fall afternoon in Staten Island. Marinate bite-sized chicken pieces in your preferred sauce (teriyaki, barbecue or lemon herb) and thread them onto skewers. Grill them to perfection, and you'll have a delightful finger food that's easy to share.

3. Chicken Salad Sandwiches

For a lighter and refreshing option, consider making chicken salad sandwiches. Poach or roast chicken breasts and shred the meat. Mix it with mayonnaise, diced celery, red onions and your favorite seasonings. Spread this flavorful mixture between slices of fresh bread or stuff it into pita pockets for a fuss-free, picnic-ready sandwich.

4. Buffalo Chicken Wraps

Spice up your picnic with buffalo chicken wraps that pack a flavorful punch. Start by cooking chicken tenders in a spicy buffalo sauce until they're tender and coated with that signature kick. Fill soft tortillas with these saucy chicken tenders, shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes and creamy ranch dressing. Roll them up for a zesty, handheld picnic meal.

5. Crispy Chicken Tenders

Another portable chicken dish is chicken tenders. And, they’re easy to make on your own! Start with chicken tenders or boneless, skinless chicken breasts cut into strips. Dip the chicken into flour, beaten eggs and breadcrumbs, in that order. Cook the chicken in the oven or in a skillet and serve with your favorite sauces.

No matter the occasion or the company, these five chicken dishes are sure to make your Staten Island picnic a memorable one. From classic fried chicken to refreshing chicken salad sandwiches, there's something to satisfy every palate.

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