People love food trucks for a variety of reasons, such as their unique food selections, quick service, affordable prices and mobile friendliness. Since food trucks bring delicious meals directly to busy urban areas, events, festivals and parks, people are able to enjoy quality food without sitting down at a restaurant.

La Rosa Chicken and Grill is excited to announce the launch of our new Food Truck, which has been going strong for nearly 1 year. If you see us out and about and are wondering what Food Truck favorites to try, here are some of our top recommendations.

Chicken Tenders

We wouldn’t be a chicken Food Truck without delicious, mouthwatering chicken! Our chicken tenders deserve special attention, as they’re tender on the inside and crispy on the outside. They are a comfort food for kids and adults alike, and you can dip them into one of our tasty sauces, such as ranch, barbecue or honey mustard.

Macaroni and Cheese

Another must-try food dish on the La Rosa Food Truck is our famous mac and cheese. Our focus is on creating a classic dish that includes tender noodles and a rich, creamy cheese sauce. You can order our mac and cheese as a side dish or full meal, and it pairs well with chicken tenders. Mac and cheese is also a fan-favorite for kids, which is why our Food Truck is a top choice for schools and other family-friendly events.

Chicken Sandwiches

Want a freshly prepared chicken sandwich? The La Rosa Food Truck will prepare your sandwich from scratch using freshly cooked chicken, fresh produce and our signature sauces. All of our sandwiches are served on a fresh baked roll or multigrain ciabatta. You can also customize your chicken. Do you want it grilled or crispy? Spicy or regular? The choice is yours!

Chicken Wraps

If you’re looking for something that’s lighter than a sandwich, try one of our chicken wraps. Choose between a regular or wheat wrap and pick your ingredients - grilled or crispy chicken, lettuce, tomato and sauce. Every sandwich can be ordered as a wrap, so if you already have a favorite, you can turn it into a refreshing wrap!

French Fries

Our chicken sandwiches and wraps are made complete with an order of french fries. People love our french fries because they have a soft interior, a crispy exterior and tons of flavor thanks to our generous seasoning. French fries can also be enjoyed with our dipping sauces, which include staples like ketchup and ranch, as well as unique offerings like sriracha mayo and creamy buffalo.

These are just some of the favorite dishes you can try from our mobile kitchen. Remember, everything is made hot and fresh, so you’re getting the same great quality food as you would in our chicken restaurants, but without having to track down one of our locations. Hope to see you soon! Follow us on Facebook to see where our Food Truck will be next!

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