Outdoor parties aren’t just for the summer - they can be done successfully in the winter, too! Of course, it’s ideal to choose a mild day when the sun is shining, but winter is unpredictable, so you’ll have to go with it! But even with the potential for wind, snow and cold temps, you can still host a great party where your guests are comfortable.

So why might you want to host a party outdoors in the winter? The reasons range from COVID precautions to needing a bigger space to doing something different. Below are some of our best tips for hosting an outdoor celebration during the winter season.

Inform Your Guests from the Start

When you send out your invitations, let your guests know that you plan to host your event outdoors. This way, they know to dress for the weather. Layers are best! You can also reassure your guests that you’ll have plenty of ways to keep warm, such as heat lamps, a bonfire or a fire pit table.

Provide Warmth

Warmth is critical when throwing a winter party outdoors, so make this a priority. If you have access to heat lamps or an outdoor patio heater, you can rent these out for the party. Other ideas include outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, personal warmers, heating pads or electric blankets. It’s also nice to have some type of protection from the elements, such as a pergola or awning.

Make Things Comfortable

When parties are held outdoors in the summer, you make things comfortable for your guests by offering plenty of seating, cold beverages and shade. Do the same thing for your winter party - provide comfortable chairs, warm blankets and warm drinks like hot chocolate and apple cider. They are effective at warming people up! Place the chairs around the warmth, whether it be a bonfire or heat lamp.

Cater a Warm Meal

Let your guests serve themselves - it’s easier for you and they can eat and drink as they wish! A self-serve bar is a great way to offer snacks, appetizers and drinks. Fill crockpots with classic winter drinks like apple cider, mulled wine and hot chocolate. You can also place bottles of Irish cream and bourbon on the table so that your guests can make their own drinks.

As for the main meal, choose comfort foods like finger sandwiches, pasta, meatballs, soup or chicken. If you cater from a chicken restaurant like La Rosa Chicken and Grill, you’ll get your food delivered in a chafing pan. This way, the chicken will stay warm and crisp for the whole night! And, when people have full bellies, they have a slight increase in body temperature, helping them to stay warm!

Offer Extra Shelter

In case the weather is terrible, or some guests just aren’t having it, make sure you have some type of backup shelter. This could be a semi-closed porch, covered patio, garage, awning or tent. Keep this area warm so that your guests can take a break from the cold, and consider hanging extra string lights so it doesn’t get too dark.

If you’re hosting a winter party this year, consider La Rosa Chicken and Grill for your catering needs. We have crispy, grilled and rotisserie chicken, along with other staples like baby back ribs, fresh vegetables and cornbread. We’ll help make your outdoor winter party a success!

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