Are you planning to throw a thematic Halloween dinner party for your friends and family this year? Halloween-themed parties are a great way to celebrate this spooky holiday when you’re too old to go trick-or-treating. Fortunately, with some proper planning, the right decor and an appetizing spread, you can throw a festive bash that's worth dying for!

Below are some of our best tips for throwing a Halloween dinner party that you and your guests will be talking about for years to come.

Decorate Your Space with Spook-Worthy Decor

You can pick up Halloween-themed decorations online or from a local party store. However, they can get expensive quickly, so if you're on a budget, you’ll have to be creative. Anything in black or orange will do, so look through your closets to see if you have black tablecloths or dishes instead of buying new.

Super stretch spider webs are easy to hang up, and you can add plastic spiders for a creepier effect. You can also light candlesticks, hang up fairy lights and set out a Ouija board. None of these items are inexpensive - in fact, you might already have them sitting around the home!

Don’t forget to have some spooky tunes playing in the background. It’s not a Halloween party until Monster Mash comes on.

Plan Your Wicked Menu

Decide what you want to serve at your Halloween bash. If you have the time (and desire!), plan for Halloween appetizers like mini spider pizzas, pigs in a blanket or jalapeno popper mummies. You can also arrange cold cut veggies into a skeleton or use Halloween cookie cutters to cut out pieces of cheese.

For the dinner portion, we recommend catering. Here’s why. If you plan on cooking and serving the food yourself, you’ll never get to enjoy your party or your guests! So if you’re looking to show off your cooking skills, use them for the appetizers. Cater your Halloween dinner so that everything will be delivered hot and fresh, and you can enjoy the party.

Host a Halloween Costume Contest

Let your guests show off their talent - and give them a chance to win a prize! It can be a gift card to a store or restaurant, a gift basket filled with goodies or just bragging rights. Decide what your categories will be - Best Costume, Worst Costume, Best DIY Costume, Most Original, etc. This way, more people have the chance to win!

To make things more fun, set up a space where the winners can take their pictures. You can create a cute, festive background using poster board or a themed tablecloth. Add some photo props so that guests can take their pictures during the party. You might even want to come up with your own hashtag that guests can use when they post their photos to social media!

Let La Rosa Chicken & Grill Cater Your Halloween Party

No one is ever too old to celebrate Halloween! To order food for your Halloween dinner party, reach out to La Rosa Chicken and Grill today. We have convenient and affordable catering packages that include grilled or crispy chicken, fresh salads and various side dishes like mashed potatoes, garlic broccoli and cornbread. It’s the perfect food for a chilly October evening - and you don’t have to worry about the prep, cooking and cleaning!

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