Easter is right around the corner, which means it’s time to start planning your Easter meal!

This is especially important if you’re hosting, as you’ll want to make sure that you serve foods that everyone will like. The traditional Easter table in America tends to have ham, lamb, potatoes and vegetables, but you're free to change things up based on your guests’ preferences.

Below you’ll find some ideas for Easter dinner that the whole family will love. And don’t forget that holiday catering is always an option. With many families splitting time between houses and attending church on Easter, you may have no choice but to be practical and efficient.

The Meat

The most popular meat dish for Easter is ham. Why? Because ham came from meat that was originally slaughtered in the fall and cured in the winter months. Since Easter falls in spring, this holiday was a good time to eat the rest of the cured meats.

Lamb is another popular meat to eat on Easter, and there’s a practical reason why. Early Jews used to celebrate Passover by eating lamb. When they converted to Christianity, they took this meal with them to celebrate Easter. There is also an association between “the lamb of God” and Easter.

If you’re looking for another meat entree to add to your Easter table, consider a rotisserie chicken or roast chicken. It’s lean and pairs wonderfully with ham.

The Vegetables

Potatoes are popular on Easter. Scalloped potatoes, mashed potatoes, potatoes au gratin and cheesy potatoes all make their way onto Easter tables - and they are certainly the perfect comfort food, especially if you gave up cheese for Lent! But potatoes aren’t the only vegetable that you can serve on Easter.

Other dishes that the family will love include roasted spring vegetables, asparagus, string beans with almonds, honey roasted carrots and sauteed mushrooms. And if you want to stick to potatoes but try something different, make something like these garlic parmesan baby potatoes. They’re quick and easy to make, and they’re healthier than some other alternatives.

The Bread

Another thing you’ll want to serve on Easter is some type of bread. Bread tastes great with ham or chicken. Some people like to make mini sandwiches with the bread, while others put warm butter on it. Popular bread choices include rolls, hot cross buns, crescent rolls and garlic bread.

Another option is to make cornbread - it’s a winner for both kids and adults. While you can grab a cornbread mix from the grocery store, this is an easy recipe you can make on your own, and it will taste much better! Don’t forget to make your own cinnamon honey butter to put on top of cornbread slices or muffins.

Easter is a holiday that is deeply connected with food traditions. Therefore, you’ll want to put the time and energy into making a delicious meal that brings everyone together. And when you don’t want to cook the next day, stop into La Rosa Chicken and Grill for a home-cooked meal - and zero mess!

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