As winter sets in and the air grows crisp, many of us tend to pack away our grills, assuming that outdoor cooking is reserved solely for the warmer months. However, there's something amazing about firing up the grill during the winter, especially when it comes to cooking up delicious grilled chicken.

Below are some tips on how to embrace the cozy vibes of winter while still enjoying all the feels of a backyard barbecue.

Choose the Right Cuts and Marinades

When it comes to grilling chicken in the winter, selecting the right cuts and marinades is key. Opt for bone-in, skin-on chicken pieces like thighs and drumsticks, which are more forgiving on the grill and tend to stay juicier than boneless, skinless breasts.

Additionally, marinating the chicken beforehand can infuse it with extra flavor and help keep it moist during grilling. Consider marinades with a balance of acidity, sweetness and savory flavors, such as a blend of citrus juices, olive oil, garlic, herbs and spices.

Master the Grill Setup

Grilling in cold weather requires a bit of finesse to ensure that your chicken cooks evenly and retains its juiciness. Start by preheating your grill to a slightly higher temperature than usual to compensate for the cooler outdoor temperatures.

Use a two-zone grilling setup, with one side of the grill set to high heat for searing and the other side set to medium-low heat for indirect cooking. This setup allows you to achieve a nice char on the outside of the chicken while ensuring that it cooks through gently without drying out.

Embrace Winter Flavors

Winter is the perfect time to experiment with seasonal flavors and accompaniments that complement grilled chicken beautifully. Consider incorporating ingredients like roasted root vegetables, hearty grains and warming spices into your meal.

Serve your grilled chicken alongside cozy sides such as roasted sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts with bacon or a wild rice pilaf. Don't forget to add a touch of brightness with a zesty salsa verde or tangy cranberry relish to cut through the richness of the chicken.

Create a Cozy Ambiance

While grilling outdoors in the winter may seem a tad uncomfortable, there are ways to make it cozy. Bundle up in warm layers, light a bonfire or outdoor heater and turn on your favorite music. If it’s a clear night, look up at the sky and soak in the nighttime stars. Winter has its beauty, too!

La Rosa Chicken and Grill: Your Destination for Cozy Winter Grub

Grilling chicken in the winter is not only possible but also a great way to infuse some warmth and flavor into the colder months. By choosing the right cuts and marinades, mastering the grill setup, embracing winter flavors and creating a cozy ambiance, you can enjoy the pleasures of outdoor cooking year-round.

Of course, if the weather is too cold for grilling, don’t hesitate to grab some grub at La Rosa Chicken and Grill. We have a full assortment of chicken dishes that will feed the whole family, including whole chickens, crispy chicken, hot and cold side dishes, salads and more! You can even order your food in advance for pickup or delivery!

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